Our ACTINIUM-225 supply

Our key technologies for Commercial Supply

PanTera’s State-of-the art facility is powered by the IBA Rhodotron®. This unique e-beam accelerator combines high-power and high energy, delivering a beam output of 40 MeV at power levels up to 125 kW.

PanTera also has a privileged access to a significant amounts of high-purity 226Ra and the related handling expertise, thanks to Belgium and SCK CEN's prominent historic role in the radium industry.

Finally, PanTera can rely on the know-how and experience of IBA and SCK CEN to research, design, develop and engineer all necessary IP needed for its operation, such as the radiochemical processing methods, the radon abatement system needed for the handling of large quantities of radium, the electron-gamma converter system, the radium targetry, the waste handling, etc. Thanks to a collaborative R&D agreement, SCK CEN and IBA have already been preparing the necessary IP over the last years which have been transferred into Pantera.

PanTera is currently in the process of setting up large-scale production facility, set to be operational as of 2028. This state-of-the-art facility will enable us to boost our production capabilities significantly, with a target of supplying more than 100 Ci per year. Through this ramp up in our production capacity, we aim to make an enduring impact on the availability of actinium-225 in the global market.

A strategic alliance to enable Early Supply


Through a strategic collaboration with TerraPower Isotopes™, PanTera also benefits from a Thorium-Actinium generator.

The Thorium-229 naturally decays to Ra-225 and then Ac-225, which allows to extract significant amounts of Ac-225. This generator will be installed in a PanTera production facility, hosted on the premises of SCK CEN.

Thanks to this technology transfer, PanTera will be able to produce actinium-225 as of 2024.

Our operational timeline is structured to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality Ac-225.

For more information about TerraPower Isotopes™

"Consistent with TerraPower’s vision of developing innovative solutions to help fight disease using nuclear science, TerraPower Isotopes™ is thrilled to secure this collaboration with PanTera. Demand for Ac-225 is expected to increase as more radiopharmaceutical treatments using Ac-225 are developed to treat a variety of different types of cancers. This collaboration will help us supply this valuable material to the pharmaceutical industry and meet the growing global demand."