Press releases

Radioisotope production facility with Tractebel, MODULO and PanTera
Tractebel and Modulo architects strengthen their partnership with PanTera to design a medical radioisotope production facilityJointly with its partner Modulo architects, Tractebel will combine its infrastructure and nuclear expertise to support the design and construction of PanTera's actinium-225 production facility in Belgium, enabling breakthrough cancer treatment production Read more
PanTera signs a second agreement for the supply of actinium-225PanTera’s continues to deploy its strategy to become a market leader into the production and distribution of Ac22514/03/2024Read more
PanTera signs agreement with Bayer for the supply of actinium-225Agreement demonstrates PanTera’s unique ability to support the radionuclide therapeutics industry in bringing new cancer treatments to patients.13/02/2024Read more
PanTera and TerraPower Isotopes join forces to accelerate access to actinium-225Strategic collaboration signed to support the development of radiopharmaceuticals in the fight against cancer26/06/2023Read more
IBA and SCK CEN launch Pantera, a joint-venture to produce actinium-225IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A., EURONEXT), the world leader in particle accelerator technology, and the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN today announced the name of their joint-venture: Pantera SA/NV22/09/2022Read more